The following PDF files are available

Consolidated interim financial reporting 2012 | (add file to file library)

28 pages

305 kB

The LLB Group | (add file to file library)

2 pages

66 kB

Letter to shareholders | (add file to file library)

3 pages

102 kB

Business development | (add file to file library)

5 pages

77 kB

Consolidated interim financial statement | (add file to file library)

5 pages

62 kB

Notes to the consolidated interim financial statement | (add file to file library)

9 pages

94 kB




The following XLS files are available

All tables (35) of the Interim Report (indexed) | (add file to file library)

143 kB

Information for shareholders | (add file to file library)

18 kB

Key figures | (add file to file library)

21 kB

Domestic Market – Segment reporting | (add file to file library)

17 kB

International Market – Segment reporting | (add file to file library)

17 kB

Institutional Market – Segment reporting | (add file to file library)

17 kB

Corporate Center – Segment reporting | (add file to file library)

17 kB

Consolidated income statement (unaudited) | (add file to file library)

18 kB

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income (unaudited) | (add file to file library)

16 kB

Consolidated balance sheet (unaudited) | (add file to file library)

20 kB

Consolidated statement of changes in equity (unaudited) | (add file to file library)

18 kB

Consolidated statement of cash flows (unaudited) | (add file to file library)

20 kB

Segment reporting | (add file to file library)

19 kB

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